About the project

We are often silent about disability, mental health and the barriers that we confront in our everyday lives. This project uses autoethnography, art, philosophy and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to break this silence and explore these issues.

The Artist Embodied is a nom-de-plume or alter-ego for the project’s creator(s)/author(s)/collaborator(s) when working in this space, but is also an explanation of the methods of narrative enquiry and criticism used in the 1924 Pieces of Me project(s) to explore the issues in front of us.

In our first project, the eponymous 1924 Pieces of Me are presented as a pseudo-Rorschach test of our own creation in which we ask the viewer to reflect on what they see, and what those images mean to them.

Where does the image end and the artist begin?

An initial silent video presentation shows all 1924 Pieces of Me in an hour-long representation of the silent struggle of disability and mental ill-health. (Find out more).

The underlying series of images for this project was first created on January 11th 2021 with the current project given life in August 2022.

The Artist Embodied (in those images) is a freelance disability thinker, researcher, advisor and advocate. They have studied law, social science, philosophy, psychology and psychoanalysis and bring these approaches to their work. They say they will never stop learning. They have ongoing lived experience of neurological conditions, physical disability and mental ill-health.

As a social entrepreneur they experienced both success and failure. The physical, social, emotional and financial realities, and consequences, of crisis inform their work.

They are a parent, a poet and a player of board games. They cannot play the ukulele.

Currently they advise on a diverse range of issues such as disability hate crime, social care, social security, technology ethics, inclusive travel and the COVID-19 response.

The project will move into the NFT space from August 2022, bringing debates around disability and mental ill-health into the blockchain. Visit use on Opensea.com to find out more.

Where does the artist end and the image begin?