107/1924 and 148/1924: Do you see the pug?

Image 107/1924 from the 1924 Pieces of Me collection

As I look at piece number 107/1924 (also known as Position 3, Colour Scheme) I see the face of dog, perhaps a pug or bulldog gazing back at me. From a different angle I see a gaunt, elongated, skeletal face gazing back at me from dark, cavernous eyes. Perhaps, I see the skull of a diseased deceased warrior in a viking helmet, complete with a spike. One minute a gholish warrior, one minute a dog. These changes are perhaps a metaphor for the way in which our perception of our imagined self changes with observation? I wonder. Gazing in to the eyes of the skull-like face, I suddenly see two robed figures, faceless and knelt in prayer. Have I found my desperation hidden in plain sight within the image in these two anonymous monastic individuals?

“Not much,” says my son (aged 11), when I ask him what he sees in this one. “I kind of see a map,” says my daughter (aged 9) as she looks on. “These are the planets, these are the rivers in between?” she pauses and considers. “This area is extra sandy.” I think she meant islands, rather than planets, but who am I to correct her thinking/imagination/perception? Who am I to correct her.

As I look at the “sandy area” she pointed to, I wonder if I can see two hippopotamuses dreaming at a monochrome waterhole.

Image 148/1924

Piece number 148/1924 (also known as Position 3, Colour Scheme 44) shows the pug’s floppy-eared face (to me) in a starker relief than the earlier piece of me. Here the pug’s mouth hangs open a little. I wonder if in fact it is the pug wearing the spiked helmet in this incarnation. My mind recalls the transformation of Cringer to Battle Cat in the He-Man cartoons of my youth, and the more recent sequel. His armour (and helmet) became a symbol of his transformation from “coward” to “brave”. I suppose I had already had memories of the villanous Skeletor in the earlier gaunt skull face. Do we all have armour hidden within us? Certainly, I recognise the sense of fear. Lost again in the image: I notice the Cheshire Cat-coloured hippopotami drinking at the oasis.

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Where does the artist end and the image begin?

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Written by The Artist Embodied on 09 August 2022