Why publish a silent video?

As the introductory, Star Wars-style, rolling titles at the beginning of The Artist Embodied: 1924 Pieces of Me in Silence say:

“We are often silent about disability, mental health and the barriers that we confront in our everyday lives”.

The silent version of the video is intended to represent that silence, and the struggle we face daily in articulating these issues. In many ways, we have no voice.

In a self-created psuedo-Rorschach test, we invite the watcher to immerse themselves in the changing images and reflect on the shapes and colours that emerge as the sequence plays on for little over an hour. What do they see in the images? What is revealed about the artist and the audience in their connection with, and through, the images?

Where does the artist end and the image begin?

A voice will come. The next version of the video will feature the images of the 1924 Pieces of Me collection with a voice of lived experience.

Where does the image end and the artist begin?

Written by The Artist Embodied on 03 August 2022